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Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Chen-Pang Yeang

  • Chen-Pang Yeang History of Physics

    Room VC 309

Research interests

My research areas are the history of physics and the history of technology from the late nineteenth century to the present. I focus on how science and engineering have shaped each other at the levels of mathematical structures, physical theories, experimentation, instrumentation, and the development of new technologies. I am particularly interested in issues related to the production, justification, circulation, application, and transformation of technical knowledge in the mutual shaping between science and engineering. I also pay close attention to the different meanings and functions of technical knowledge to distinct professional or intellectual communities.

Along this direction, I have been undertaking six research projects:

Selected Publications


Ari Gross, (Supervisor), “Form and Function: Seeing, Knowing, and Reasoning with Diagrams in the Practice of Science,” conferred November 2013.

Vivien Hamilton, (Supervisor), “’Incongruent Bedfellows’: Physics and Medicine in the Formation of North American and British Radiology, 1896-1930,” conferred November 2012.

Michelle Hoffman, (Co-supervisor / Y. Gingras), “Constructing School Science: Physics, Biology and Chemistry Education in Ontario High Schools, 1880-1940,” conferred June 2013.

Bruce Petrie, (Supervisory committee), “The Roots of Transcendental Numbers: 1700-1900,” in progress.

Isaac Record, (Supervisory committee), “Knowing Instruments: Design, Reliability, and Scientific Practice,” conferred March 2012.

Nicolas Sanchez-Guerrero, (Supervisor), “Science Education in Colombian High Schools: A Study on the Formation of Public Understandings of Science,” in progress.

Jonathan Turner, (Supervisory committee) "The Defence Research Board of Canada, 1947-1974,” conferred November 2012.

Aaron Wright (Supervisor), “More than nothing: A history of the vacuum in theoretical physics, 1955-1973,” in progress.