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Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Chen-Pang Yeang

  • Chen-Pang Yeang History of Physics

    Room VC 309

Research interests

My research areas are the history of physics and history of technology of the twentieth century. Specifically, I am interested in how science and engineering have shaped each other at the levels of mathematical structures, physical theories, experiment, instrumentation, and the development of new technology. One ongoing project concerns the history of radio science and technology in 1900-50 and their relationship with atmospheric science. The components of this project include early wave-propagation studies, radio amateurs, the discovery of the ionosphere, and the rise of ionosphere research in atmospheric science. Another project I am doing now is a broad history of noise in sound technology, statistical physics, mathematics of probability, and telecommunications engineering from the late nineteenth to the mid-twentieth century. From this historical research, I also hope to shed light on some current philosophical issues in life, physical, and quantitative social sciences concerning the natures of fluctuations and uncertainties.

Selected publications